Santri Oz Hijab 

is Fauna and Flora hijab for empowering women and educating environment. It is a contemporary hijab with Flora and Fauna motifs that aims to increase environmental awareness towards plants and animals.

This is due to the facts about climate change are settled. Indonesia and Australia seem to be victims in facing climate changes in this decade. This more-than-personal sadness, it is the great grief, a feeling rising in us to see massive floods across Jakarta and to know bushfires are raging across Victoria from the end of 2019 to early 2020.

In regards to that, we are designing a hijab as a simple way in campaigning acts for climate change. When people see us wearing this hijab, hopefully they can get inspiring change to preserve nature, plants and animals.

In this women’s creativity , there are two motifs with the interconnection of two countries:

Indonesian Jasmine X Australian Kangaroo

Jasmine is an Indonesian national flower that often be found in any wedding or religious ceremony. This reminds us beauty, adaptability and purity. Meanwhile, Kangaroo is an Australian animal which attracted to social and friendly people. The female Kangaroo with pouch is to protect their child. This has taught us kindness and absolutely to keep our nature.

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Indonesian Rafflesia X Australian Koala

Only in the rainforest of Indonesia, we are able to see the world’s biggest and largest flower namely Rafflesia. Meanwhile Australia is the native to the cutest and most cuddly mammal on the face of the earth called Koala. Both Rafflesia and Koala remind us to be nurturing and discerning. Those characters also make this flora and fauna unique and wild.

We can visit Bengkulu and Padang to see Rafflesia while we could see Koala in any places of Australia. Koala with their innocence can sleep up to 20 hours each day that reminds us to be relax and got plenty of rest to conserve energy. Thus, it reflects that everything has their own uniqueness and proportion based on their way.

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For those who want to purchase Santri Oz Hijab, please contact this number:

Admin: +6285601534091 (WhatsApp)

Choose the Motifs:

1. Kangaroo X Jasmine

2. Koala X Rafflesia

Price: 200.000 IDR

Material: Voal Tryspan (Best)

Size: Choose 115 x 115 cm OR 120 x 120 cm

Free Shipping for Java Area

Bonus Campaign Bag

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Transfer to:

0131248929 (BCA)

a/n. Ana Nurhasanah Surjanto

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