Women represent half of the world’s population, therefore, also half of its potential. United Nations (UN) Secretary-General; Kofi Annan (2003) said that “when women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life”. Further, it has been shown that empowering women spurs productivity and economic growth (UN Women, 2020). Thus, it is necessary to get more women be empowered and inspired in this world.

Now it is the time for women to hand in hand to speak up in the land. In this part, I would like to invite inspiring women around the world to share their magical words because your voice matters.

Magical Words from Inspiring Women around the World 

“When a woman is given an opportunity to lead, she can achieve more and be successful. One woman’s success will lead to other womens’ success. She demonstrates to others, with her power of love, empathy, sensitivity, and multi-tasking skill, that the women of today are the leaders of tomorrow” –Ana Surjanto, Santri Oz Founder, Indonesia.

“Empowering women is about being there when needed, sharing experiences, encouraging when it is hard and celebrating successes. Above all equal access to quality education is the foundation for empowering women” –Anne Cronin, Santri Oz Advisor, Australia.

“Women everywhere should look for opportunities and not hesitate to grab them!” –Lauren Arnett, Monash University Alumna and Secondary Shool teacher, Australia.

“Women, stand for the girls who can find a way to turn struggles into happiness, who can create an amazing thing in the world without whom the world has no smile” –Leng Lida, Cambodia.